Kettlebell drills - Learn the basics

Before you begin your journey to functional fitness using the great kettlebell tool, you must make sure that you learn the basic lifts.

This will ensure that when you start the kettlebell drills and workouts, your form will be proper and correct in order to minimize injury.

So here are the few kettlebell lifts you need to know and learn before you start doing the kettlebell drills. 

Note: If you can find a kettlebell instructor, then you can learn the proper form from him/her. Personally, I learned on my own many years ago, so it is not something that is impossible. You just need to get the proper resources. Books and DVDs will help, as well as free resources online.

1. The kettlebell swing

This is the bread and butter drill for kettlebell workouts. 

2. The kettlebell Turkish get-up

One of the best exercises for the core 

3. Kettlebell snatch

A more advanced kettlebell lift, and you need to learn the high pull before embarking on the snatch. A double kettlebell snatch would be the end game for kettlebell lifting.

4. Kettlebell clean and press

A great strength builder. Good for strength endurance and cardio too.

5. Kettlebell high pull

You need to know this well as it links directly with the kettlebell snatch.

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